Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Lost a tooth? If you’re ready to fill the gap, ask your cosmetic dentist about the possibility of a mini dental implant. Compared to bridges and regular implants, mini implants’ advantages often outweigh other options. Mini implants are an option for your teeth at the front of your mouth and can’t be used to replace any ‘chewing’ teeth.

Eight Advantages Of Mini Dental Implants

Smaller than conventional dental implants and easier for maintaining good dental care than a bridge, these may be your best option if your Greater Toronto area dentist deems you a good candidate.

1. Less expensive: The money savings alone can be enough to convince you. Mini implants generally run 50-65% less than regular implants. Some of the savings result from fewer appointments.

2. Time saving: You won’t need to book as much time off from work as you’ll have fewer appointments and you’ll recover more quickly after this procedure.

The actual mini dental implant installation can often be completed during one visit to our group of practices locations. It usually takes one or two days to heal.

3. Less invasive: Most people require only minor surgery and experience fewer complications. The procedure is less invasive than regular implants whose process includes more complicated surgery. They rarely include bone grafts. As well, unlike bridges, they don’t involve the surrounding teeth. Bridges require the removal of enamel on the two adjacent teeth.

4. Durable: Since the implant is fixed into your jawbone, it makes a strong bond. It acts like a tooth root and discourages more bone loss. It doesn’t decay.

5. Comfortable: It stays in place and won’t slip.

6. Looks natural: Your dentist will mould it to match with your other teeth.

7. Easy to clean: You can brush and floss around it.

8. Excellent success rate: Even if you have already experienced some bone loss, the smaller size of the implant means you are more likely to be able to have the procedure.

Restore your smile more quickly. Ask our dentists at any group of practices about mini dental implants. Our offices are conveniently located in Bradford, Brantford, Innisfil, Oshawa and Toronto. Call today for a consultation!


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