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Good Toothbrush

When Sherlock Holmes states, “This is a trifle, of course, Watson, but there’s nothing so important as trifles” in The Man with the Twisted Lip from the 1986 television series The Return of Sherlock Holmes, he captured a sentiment more universal than trifles or nothings, in that by using a double-negative he is suggesting that the little things in life are actually important. Like choosing or should we say, there’s nothing so important as a good toothbrush.

So how do you choose the right toothbrush for your mouth? A good starting point is to ask your Dentistry Plus dentist and hygienist in Oshawa at Glazier Dental Health Centre or any of our locations for a recommendation. We’ve made the dental services and technologies your family needs available at offices that are close to where you live and work. We know there are numerous choices available when it comes to purchasing a toothbrush, here are some general tips on what to look for:

  • Small brush head and well-designed bristles: Choose a toothbrush with a small brush head (tapered or rectangular) and a bristle design that helps you to get to the hard-to-reach places of your mouth.
  • Soft bristles: most dental professionals agree that your toothbrush should have soft bristles (rippled, flat or trimmed to a dome shape) that are gentle on teeth and gums.
  • Comfortable handle: Many toothbrushes have non-slip grips or a flexible neck that make them easy to use even if wet.
  • Remember that regular replacement of toothbrushes contributes to maintaining a consistently high level of oral hygiene because clinical research shows a new toothbrush (done with a flat trim manual toothbrush) can remove up to 30 percent more plaque than one that is three months old.

In the end, the best toothbrush is the one that feels most comfortable to you - so you’ll use it every day. When it comes to oral care, consistency is everything. The single most important element of good oral care is following a regular routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing. 

From the moment you step into our pleasant, serene, and child-friendly environment, you will see that our focus is on making your visit as comfortable as possible for you. Our warm and friendly staff and the gentle manner in which we apply our dental knowledge and skills will help put you at ease. Put your fears about the dentist behind you and call 705-436-6527 today for an appointment in Oshawa, or check our website for information on our locations in Brantford, Burlington, Innisfil, Toronto, and Waterdown.

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