Understanding the Cost of Dental Crowns

A dental crown can provide a highly effective solution for a decayed or damaged tooth. It not only repairs the tooth and restores its function, but it also prevents further decay and damage. Some people, however, have a difficult time understanding why crowns are as expensive as they are.

What is important to remember is that such a high-quality dental treatment comes with costs that those outside of the dental professional are usually unaware of. If patients want access to properly-fitted and well-functioning crowns, then these are costs that dentists must be willing to pay.

When you are being fitted for a crown your cosmetic dentist will first take an impression of the tooth. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory, which makes the actual crown. A large part of the cost of a dental crown goes towards covering the costs of the materials used to make it, and paying the fee of the dental laboratory which created it.

Then there are the overhead costs inherent in running a general and cosmetic dentistry clinic in Oshawa. This may include paying for the rent or mortgage, the electricity, the office worker's wages, the purchase or rental of dental equipment, the maintenance of the equipment, and the maintenance of various health certifications.

Your dentist also has to perform the job of properly fitting the crown, which is a very precise process. It must fit perfectly over the tooth and rest right at the gumline or it won't be able to properly do its job. When paying for your crown you are paying for the workmanship of a highly trained professional who has the education and experience to make sure that the crown is fitted correctly.

A dental clinic which cuts corners on the quality of dental equipment, the professionalism and education of its dentists and staff, or the cleanliness of its practice may be able to offer cheaper crowns. Cheap dentistry, however, will almost certainly result higher costs for you in the long term.

The cosmetic dentists at Oshawa's Dentistry Plus are unwilling to offer our patients anything but the highest quality of dental care. If you need to repair a damaged tooth, then come to Dentistry Plus for your crown fitting. We'll make sure that you leave with the confidence of knowing that your new crown is perfectly fitted and made to last.


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