Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Fillings in Ontario

Regular dental check-ups help detect tooth decay in its early stages, giving your Oshawa dentist an opportunity to remove the decay and preserve as much as possible of your tooth’s structure. In the past, dentists would remove the decay and fill the space in the tooth with a metal or amalgam filling to help preserve the tooth and prevent further damage.

Naturally-Coloured Fillings

While metal fillings are durable, they were very visible. Today, our group of practices is happy to give you the choice of cosmetic fillings, naturally-coloured fillings that are durable and practically invisible. We can also replace your existing amalgam fillings with cosmetic fillings quickly, easily and with minimal discomfort.

How Cosmetic Fillings are Applied

Our fillings are applied after removing the decayed part of the tooth or the existing amalgam filling. Your Brantford dentist will shape a flexible composite to the precise shape of the missing part of your tooth, applying it in layers and then subjecting the composite to high intensity light to harden it and bond it securely to your tooth.

Cosmetic fillings are:

  • Practically invisible
  • Durable
  • Less likely to damage other teeth than metal fillings
  • Not prone to leakage and corrosion as amalgam fillings are
  • Especially helpful for those with metal sensitivities

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