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Teeth Whitening Services in Oshawa

Make a dazzling and dramatic change to your appearance in as little as one hour with our teeth whitening products. Safe and effective, it’s little wonder that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in dentist’s offices today.

Professional teeth whitening is generally more effective than over-the-counter products and less likely to irritate sensitive teeth and gums. Results from our procedures typically last three to five years, longer than the whitening achieved by many products available from your pharmacy.

What Causes Tooth Discolouration?

As we age, it is natural for teeth to become less white. Regular exposure to some beverages such as tea, coffee, colas and red wine, cause teeth to discolour over time. Tobacco, whether in cigarettes, cigars, pipes or smokeless form, will also stain teeth. Stains from all these causes can be removed to a large extent with modern whitening procedures, although repeated exposure to staining agents such as coffee and tobacco after treatment will cause the teeth to discolour again. Generally yellow or light brown stains can be easily removed. Darker brown or gray stains may require more intensive procedures.

Some medications, such as tetracycline and antibiotics used when the patient is very young can also cause discolouration. Excess fluoride may cause fluorosis which can also result in darkening of the teeth. These stains can be quite difficult to remove.

What are Your Options for Whitening Teeth in Oshawa?

Our group of practices offers a number of options for teeth whitening in Brantford and surrounding areas. Most involve the use of a bleaching gel which breaks down chemically when applied to the teeth, forcing oxygen into the tooth enamel. The oxygen molecules break up the stain without damaging the enamel, making your teeth appear whiter. 

To prepare your teeth for whitening, we:

  • Examine your teeth and assess which teeth whitening procedure would be most effective.
  • Take care of cavities, problems with the gums and damaged or sensitive teeth. Dental cleaning will also create a cleaner, smoother surface for the treatment.

Take-Home Whitening Kits in Brantford and the Greater Toronto Area

Whitening kits are an easy and affordable alternative for many patients. Here’s how it works:

  • Our group of practices takes an impression of your teeth.
  • We create custom-moulded plastic trays to fit your mouth.
  • At home, you fill the trays with the whitening gel and wear them over your teeth for the recommended time. Some can even be worn overnight so you can wake up to a whiter smile!
  • Treatment continues for 10 to 14 days or until you achieve your desired results.

In-office Teeth Whitening

Our in-office teeth whitening is faster than the take-home treatment and can usually be completed in one to three hours. We will prepare your teeth for whitening and then apply the gel to your teeth. If necessary, we will use a laser or special light to enhance the whitening effect of the gel. After a relaxing hour, you will see a brighter smile.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Oshawa

Zoom Whitening can be done either at home or in the office. In the office, we will prepare your teeth for the procedure and then apply a hydrogen peroxide gel and the Zoom light for about an hour. You will have reason to smile when you see the results!

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