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Regular visits to your pediatric dentist in Oshawa should begin at age two and you should continue to see your dentist at least twice a year. Regular visits include cleaning and thorough exams to detect problems early and prevent them, if possible. These twice-yearly visits are usually more cost-effective than repairing or replacing teeth. Here’s what you can do to ensure a lifetime of good oral health:

Infant Oral Care

Oral health for a lifetime begins with good oral hygiene even before there are visible teeth. Wipe your baby’s gums with a soft, damp washcloth after feedings and before sleep. Once the baby teeth appear, brush them with a small, soft toothbrush. If your baby or toddler goes to bed with a bottle, make sure the bottle contains only water – milk, formula or juice set the stage for plaque build-up and decay.

Pediatric Dental Care for Children

We cater to chickens, especially little chicks! Our group of practices is known for putting our youngest patients at ease and starting them on a lifelong journey of good oral health. Our warm and welcoming office is the perfect environment for pediatric dental care in Oshawa.

Get children into the habit of brushing with a little fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush after meals, or at least morning and evening. Once the permanent teeth come in, children should begin flossing every night. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that all children have an assessment done by about age 7 to determine whether orthodontic treatment may be necessary in the future.

Children should visit their Brantford dentist twice a year for thorough cleaning and dental exams. If your child is fearful, it might help them to come with you for your routine visits. Our teams at all our child-friendly offices are experienced in working with children and will do their utmost to make the experience comfortable for your child. If your child’s anxiety is severe, we can also suggest some sedation options specifically designed for children.

Adult Dental Care in Ontario

Tooth decay and gum disease begin with plaque build-up. Daily brushing, flossing and regular, professional cleaning are your best tools in the fight against plaque. If you feel pain or sensitivity, or if you have medical conditions which affect your oral health, make sure you discuss these with your dentist in Innisfil when you visit.

Dental Care for Seniors in Ontario

Age, medications, health conditions and even arthritis (which may make it difficult to brush or floss properly) may put the teeth and gums of seniors at greater risk. Tooth loss may also allow the bone beneath the teeth to deteriorate. Our group of practices can help you preserve teeth, gums and bone with regular cleaning and well-fitted dentures and implants.

Ideally, everyone would begin good hygiene habits and regular dental visits early in life. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the dentist or if your anxiety has kept you out of the dentist’s office, it’s not too late to begin. The friendly team at our group of practices will be happy to help you achieve good oral health, whatever your age.

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